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Time Team Visit- 2001

During the first week of May 2001, members of the Channel 4 television programme Time Team descended upon the Chicksands estate. Their visit was televised the following year (series 9 episode 4) but their actual visit lasted five days.

The purpose of their visit amongst other things was to locate the second of the two cloisters. Although this turned out to be elusive, their triumph was to be the splendid foundations found to the east of the Priory and which included the exhumation of a member of the monastic community.

This fascinating event was brought to a fitting close in 2006 when female remains were re-interred in the monastic burial ground, with all due reverence, by the Chicksands DISC onsite Chaplain.


As a result of the televised programme, the monastic (male) remains found at Chicksands on the same site in 1969 were also returned to Chicksands and given a Christian burial, making this a unique double occasion.

Other finds included pegged roof and floor tiles, Anglo-Norman 10th-11th century pottery, nine 19th century clay pipes and the skeleton of a dog.

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