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The Osborn Family 1576-1936

The Osborn Baronets

Twelve generations of the Osborn family have been associated with Chicksands from 1576 to the present day. Eight of these have enjoyed the hereditary title of "Baronet of Chicksands Priory" since it was bestowed on Sir John Osborne, 11th Feb. 1661.


Although each Baronet made some contribution to the estate, the 3rd and 4th made dramatic changes to the Priory itself, remodelling the buildings and adding extensions to more suit the status of the Priory as a family home.

Sir John Osborne, 1st Baronet


Sir John inherited the estate from his father Sir Peter Osborne, Lt. Governor of Guernsey, in 1653. Sir John's great grandfather Peter Osborne held a high position in court as Remembrancer of the Treasury to Henry VIII, Keeper of the Privy Purse to Edward VI and Commissioner of Ecclesiastical Affairs to Elizabeth I.


The baronetcy was conferred by Charles II.

Sir John Osborne, 2nd Baronet


Sir John outlived his son John by two years, leaving his son's widow Sarah Osborn (nee Byng) to manage the estate during Danvers' minority. 

Sir Danvers Osborn, 3rd Baronet


Sir Danvers was an MP for Bedfordshire and became the last British Governor of New York in 1753. His story is a tragic one- his wife died in childbirth and the welcome he received in New York, a post which was hoped would give him a fresh start, was less than friendly. Sadly he committed suicide after six days in his new post.

General Sir George Osborn, 4th Baronet


A distinguished military officer who served in the American War of Independence 1775-1783, General Sir George was also an MP and was known locally as quite the collector. Many of the items you see around the Priory, such as the stained glass and the Coadestone pieces, were purchased by General Sir George and added to the Priory.

Sir John Osborn, 5th Baronet


With a passion for politics, Sir John served as an MP for Bedfordshire twice, 1794-1807 and 1818-1820, and also for Cockermouth, Queenborough and Wigtown Burghs. Sir John was also a Lord of the Admiralty and a colonel of the Bedfordshire militia.

Sir George Robert Osborn, 6th Baronet


Sir George loved to travel, and spent little of his time living at the Priory. Several of his children were born abroad, Charlotte in Italy, Henry in Germany and Harriet in Belgium. He held the offices of Justice of the Peace for Bedfordshire, Deputy Lieutenant of Bedfordshire. He also held the office of High Sheriff of Bedfordshire in 1857.

Sir Algernon Osborn, 7th Baronet


Sir Algernon was the grandson of Sir George Robert Osborn. He opened the priory to wounded soldiers in World War I. Sir Algernon sold the Priory to the Crown in 1936 after a family move to Sheringham in 1922.

Sir  Danvers Osborn, 8th Baronet


Sir Danvers left Chicksands Priory when he was six years old. Sir Danvers was the first Patron of the Friends of the Priory, a chair he held until he died in 1983, succeeded by his son Sir Richard Osborn, 9th Baronet.

Sir Richard Osborn, 9th Baronet


A fine art consultant, Sir Richard was with Christies between 1979 and 1983. Sir Richard is the patron of the Friends of Chicksands Priory.

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