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The RAF 1940-1950

The RAF moved into Chicksands Priory in 1940, and the base took on an important role as a Y station during World War II. The upper floors of the Priory were lined with listening posts (a bit like voting cubicles) to intercept German radio communications, which were taken by motorcycle to Bletchley Park for decoding.

Several pivotal radio transmissions were intercepted at Chicksands Priory, including the transmission which led to the sinking of the battleship Bismarck.

USAF 1950-1995

Flick elephant cage.jpg

After the war, the site was allowed to be used by the USAF as an interception station of Soviet Union radio communications at the start of the Cold War. 

A FLR-9 antenna (known as 'The Elephant Cage') was built in 1963 to intercept these radio waves. It was one of five around the world built by the Americans. It was demolished after the USAF base closed in 1995.

(Image credit to Irish Typepad on Flickr)  

JFC Chicksands 1995-Present day

The Priory currently serves as the Officers Mess for Joint Forces Command Chicksands (JFC formerly known as DISC).


Please visit their Facebook page @jfcchicksands for more information about what they do.

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