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JFC Chicksands
Friends of the Priory

Chicksands Priory has been here since 1150, and has the only surviving remains of a Gilbertine cloister. The Gilbertine Priory was dissolved in 1538.

Twelve generations of the Osborn family have been associated with Chicksands from 1576 to the present day. Eight of these have enjoyed the hereditary title of "Baronet of Chicksands Priory" since it was bestowed on Sir John Osborne, 11th Feb. 1661.

Chicksands Priory now sits on the campus of JFC Chicksands and is the Officers' Mess for JFC Chicksands.. Prior to this the USAF were stationed here (1950) and before that the RAF (1940).

The USAF left in 1995 but in 1998 The Friends of Chicksands were asked to reopen the Priory to the public by the DISC commandant of the day.

Chicksands Priory is on the campus of JFC Chicksands (Joint Forces Command) and is the Officers' Mess for JFC Chicksands.

For more information regarding JFC Chicksands, please visit their Facebook page:


The Friends of Chicksands Priory (FOCP) was founded in 1975 by USAF personnel and British employees at RAF Chicksands. This was later expanded to include local people who were interested in the history of the Priory with the aim of making some improvements to the condition of the interior; this had been suffering from neglect since it had become unoccupied as accommodation for military personnel.


The first project undertaken was the moving and restoration of the Peace monument in 1975-76. Over the years the FOCP have scrubbed, washed, cleaned, painted and lovingly helped to keep the building in a fit state of repair, until in 1997 the MOD had the building professionally restored and refurbished to its former glory.

Tours of the Priory began in 1976 and have been continuous with the exception of the major restoration, which took place with the help of English Heritage 1997-98.

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